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Wildlife and Walking Tour

Well it has been a busy couple of days. On the 27th I a most enjoying Wildlife Tour. Unfortunately the weather was against us, very heavy rain, at one point it looked like the day may be a washout. My guest had requested trying to see a woodpecker, not always the easiest birds to find, we were lucky, I know of a few places where we are likely to see one, it paid up trumps, the picker arrived about 5 minutes after we had, it landed on a stump about 3 feet from us, stayed there for about 30 seconds the flew onto a nearby tree where we were able to watch it doing what it does naturally,  peck wood. In all we saw over 30 different birds and animals. Not too bad for a wet day.

Cormorant, redshank, curlew, gbb gull, lbb gull, black head gull, herring gull, eider duck, buzzard, swift, swallow, fulmar, pigeon, song thrush, blackbird, oyster catcher, carrion crow, blue tit, great tit, dunnock, chaffinch, Robin,  great spotted woodpecker, coot, moorhen, mallard, mute swan, little grebe, starlin…

Busy June - well compared to previous months

This month we've already done a wildlife tour and next week we have another wildlife tour booked along with a St Andrews Walking Tour for hoteliers. Hopefully our promotional work is now starting to pay off. I always said that this year was not about the money but about getting ourselves known. We have more promotional ideas and hope that bookings start coming in more frequently.

Fantastic 5☆ review

I know that we are new to this but after doing a couple of wildlife tours in Mull I can honestly say that I offer a better service. A greater variety of Birds and animals and in general seen a lot closer. With the photography tips on top of this I aim to give every client a day to remember. The lady from yesterday's tour has just left a review, I think it says everything

Wildlife tour 4th June 2017

Had a fantastic wildlife tour today with the delightful Barbara from Chicago. A very interesting lady with a love of wildlife and Photography. Managed to show her about 30 different species including red squirrel, bank vole, great spotted woodpecker, heron, fulmar, little grebe, mute swan, coot, moorhen, goldfinch, greenfinch, chaffinch.