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Things can sometimes move fast

Jings, what a couple of days, website is looking good, still a bit to do but that will have to wait, the tours have now been published on trip advisor and today I registered the limited company. Time now to take stock, plan the next few weeks and get things properly up and running......

Fife Tours and Photography Client Comments Page

Hi, I am going to write a blog for each tour, I would be grateful if you could leave your comments attached to the blog or on this page, cheers Phil

Setting up Fife Tours and Photography

Been a bit of an uncertain period at work regarding the future, things look ok for the next couple of years but who knows? I decided late last year to look at setting up my own wee venture, this blog is to let you know how i'm getting on.

My plan was to set up a walking and photography tour in St. Andrews, this then grew to customised tours in Fife and wild life tours. The photography element will be just guidance as i don't feel comfortable with teaching people how to use their cameras however I will carry out specific commissioned photographs.

Walking Tour
I have completed the route, written up the history and tales i'm going to tell, found the best 'non tourist' positions for photos. The tour is planned to last about 4 hours and will take in most of the centre of St Andrews.

Wildlife tours
I love taking photographs of wild life, Ive been doing this for the last 10 years and have built up a good bit of knowledge on where to take people to see specific species. We a…