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End of April

Well Fife Tours and Photography Ltd has been up and running just short of a month now, had a disappointment last week as I had to turn down a last minute tour as I was on a photographic assignment, ah well, there's only one of me and I can't be at 2 places at once. Had a very good meeting with the business bank manager, all positive. Its now coming to my favourite time of the year, breading time, lots of wildlife and wildlife tours. Away next week on a photo shoot in Shetland, orcas are back so hoping to capture them. Have another photo shoot lined up along with wild life tours for the end of May on the Isle of Mull, sea eagles hopefully.

Coming together nicely

Things are certainly coming together now with Fife Tours and Photography.  We received great 5* reviews on trip advisor afterwards the free wildlife tour. That's 3 reviews now which is enough to move us up to no.5, all my main competitors lie below us. I suppose you have to have a goal, ours would be to be no1 tour operator in St Andrews by this time next year.

Wildlife Tour 16th April

Had a great mini wildlife tour today with Tracey despite the weather, grey overcast then rain. Started at the coast, lots of waders, swans and ducks as well as a scrawny looking crow! We then headed inland to try and see roe deer before heading for St Andrews for fulmar and more sea birds. We finished off at some freshwater lochs, more ducks, swans, grebes, finches and tits. Due to time restraints, 3 hours for the total tour, all visits where unfortunately too short however, despite the weather, we still managed to see over 35 different birds and animals.

6 days no blog!

Well it's 6 days since I last posted, doesn't mean I had nothing to report, in fact, it's been quite a productive week. Visit Scotland page has been updated and I've contacted them regarding getting 2 more pages, one for the wildlife tours and one for rhe walking tours. My trip advisor business cards arrived and look good. Got first review for a wildlife tour, 5* review. Had communication back from one of the big golfing websites / groups, they are going to add us to their 'what to do when not playing golf' page, hope to get a few golfing widows inter3sted in the tours. Lots of little things to do and going on in the background, binoculars to buy, organised hire of a lens to try out, looking at flasks for tea and coffee........ just need some clients.....

Visit Scotland

Today we made it onto the Visit Scotland website. Hope that between this site and trip advisor we manage to get some good publicity and future customers, all very positive at the moment.

Visit Scotland

Successful 1st week or so

It has been a successful and exciting week at Fife Tours and Photography, the company has been formally registered as a Ltd Company, the web site is looking good, the blog is up and running and has been viewed by almost 100 people, we are now on trip advisor and we are added in the things to do category of Visit Scotland. In the next few weeks we will be concentrating on marketing and hope to take some invited guests / critics on the walking tour as well as on a wildlife tour. Hopefully it will not be long until our first bookings start arriving.

Now a real company

Still waiting to hear about being promoted and advertised on other groups web sites however have now received all my official paperwork, Fife Tours and Photography is now an official Ltd company. Next move is to further promote the business with flyers. I'm hoping to have everything in place and my first clients by June, time will tell.

Took some friends out recently on a wildlife tour, they seemed impressed, even though they had lived in the area all their days they had no idea the place i took them to existed. Managed to see quite a variety of wildlife, which for a rainy day, was very pleasing. Hopefully they will be completing a trip advisor review which will get that kicked off, nobody likes seeing no reviews.............

Planning an invited walking tour on the 22nd April, this is mainly a trial for me! If anyone is interested in sparing me 4 hours of your time, please contact.

Advertising and promoting my services

As I wrote the other day, managed to get our services onto trip advisor, well this got me thinking, there's lots of Web sites we look at before we visit anywhere, how do i get on these sites? Spent a wee while doing a bit of research before managing to get us onto visit Scotland,  result! Well by the end of the day I hope we are now on about a dozen sites and the best bit is they are all free. It's only been a day or so, and I know things take time but, can't wait for 1st customers.