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Poor response

Now you think that when you offer something for free that folk would bite your hand off, nope, well sometimes folk can be a bit suspicious of free stuff. Then you would hope that local business would want to help and support other local business, especially when in the same sector and would compliment their own business, nope again........

2 weeks ago I emailed 14 local hotels to offer a complimentary hoteliers walking tour, I told them that I couldn't expect them to recommend our services if they don't know what we are offering. I got one response, just the one, a very positive response though wanting to send 2 of their staff on the tour.

On Monday I emailed them all again with a gentle reminder, still no response, nothing. I find it very disappointing that they couldn't spare 30 seconds of their time to respond.

I am trying to promote the St Andrews Area for all and not just rely on the ones who come to play golf.

Promotional Time

This week I've been concentrating on promoting the business. I've designed leaflets for leaving in tourist offices, hotels etc. Sent the order to the printers and should have them by the end of the week. I've also contacted 14 local hotels to offer an exclusive hoteliers walking tour in 2 weeks time, my thoughts being that I can't expect them to suggest our services without really knowing what we offer. I hope between this, trip advisor and visit scotland that our name and services will become better known. Got a few photos shoots coming up in the next few weeks, a day at Knockhill with the racing motorbikes, a day out shooting wildlife testing a 150-600 mm lens,  hire before buying! All followed with a wildlife photo shoot over 3 days in Mull, hope to capture white tailed sea eagles, golden eagles, otters, amongst many others. Watch this space for results!!